Each of these three warriors earned the trust of many whom have walked this valley and came out the other side – that’s why they have come together to bring you a powerful bundle that equips you with strategies and solutions to Redefine Your Mission, Win Your Mental Health Battle, & Bulletproof Your Wellbeing

Strategies & Solutions

Overcome Adversity & Bulletproof Your Wellbeing

  • 35 Captivating Videos

    Each lesson has heartfelt videos found only inside this course. Videos are short in nature and equip you with new concepts and strategies to win the battle you are facing.

  • Bonus- Audio Book

    If you enjoy listening rather than reading- enjoy each lesson from Jennifer as audio. These are only available in this course.

  • Easy To Use Worksheets

    Simple worksheets will assist and challenge you as you learn new ways to look at what you are facing and find the strength to grow.

Redefine Your Mission "Tactical Toolkit"

Mental Health Bundle

Endorsed by Mike Ergo

Licensed Social Worker/Combat Marine Veteran/IronMan Triathlete

The combination of Doc Shauna Springer, who has been in the trenches of mental warfare with countless warriors and "gets it", Jennifer Tracy, who has overcome unimaginable trauma to support thousands of people in their trauma journey, and David Arthur, a warrior-healer who served as an Army Chaplain in the trenches of some of our most dangerous deployments, is POWERFUL. Their combination of experience and expertise in their course "Win the Mental Health Battle You Are Facing" will be life-changing for those who take the course.

What's Being Said About "WARRIOR"

“Dr. Shauna Springer’s approach to supporting our veterans is spot on and highly effective. Her efforts have saved lives... Shauna earned the name “Doc,” due to her life-saving skills and dedication, best demonstrated by our legendary combat Corpsmen... She also challenges traditional stigmas associated with PTSD and suicide. Her book is a must-read for all, and has already helped many families of service members who bear these invisible wounds. Thank you, Doc, for everything. Semper Fi”

“Ask yourself: How do I make known why Mental Health is so important? Our minds are notorious & often treacherous battlefields! If you are in a fight for your own mental wellness or that of your beloved battle buddies (whether military, first responder, medical, humanitarian, etc.) then arm yourself with the best weapon to win. I, personally, witnessed & benefit from Doc Shauna Springer’s heart for warriors & life-saving work... We need warriors in our tribe to order, read, & sew deeply down into your heart the lessons of this book; they are written in blood.”

NC West

Shauna Springer, Ph.D.

Best Selling Author/Instructor

Dr. Shauna Springer – known as “Doc Springer” to our nation’s warriors and their families, is one of the nation's leading experts on Trauma. She is the co-host of the weekly Military Times podcast, “Seeking the Military Suicide Solution.” Her book WARRIOR: How to Support Those Who Protect Us shares insights from a decade of work in the trenches with those who have faced, and overcome unimaginable traumas. In WARRIOR, she covers everything she wishes she had known when she started walking with warriors — many lessons learned from countless warriors over the years. WARRIOR helps us understand the struggle of mental warfare and provides a wealth of insight and warrior-informed wisdom to help all of us understand true courage and the bonds of love that keep us in the fight.

Shauna Springer

Jennifer Tracy

Author/National Speaker/Coach

Jennifer Tracy is on a mission to save lives. With courage and grit, she continues to change communities' one life at a time. Jennifer knows pain, the pain of burying a husband and child. The pain of being diagnosed with PTSD, something people can't see with their eyes. However, she also knows how to use pain as a way to create lasting positive change. Her book 'Inside "The Mind" of Suicide' has helped countless thousands and she brings those same resources to every program and course. Jennifer will no doubt inspire you to change the relationship that you have with yourself, which changes everything!

Jennifer Tracy

David Arthur, MDiv CE, MRT, RBLP-C


David Arthur is a medically retired Active Duty Army Chaplain. He was diagnosed with severe PTSD, Combat Trauma, and Moral Injury. He served from 2000-2016. He was in the Third Infantry Division, Tenth Mountain Division, and the Military Intelligence Community in Germany. He has spent time with members of each branch of service with different task force assignments. On 6 separate occasions, while with his troops, they were hit with mortar rounds where soldiers were killed, including over 1000 casualties. During his career, he has dealt with 14 soldier suicides. He currently continues to train and coach soldiers and leaders in the world of Suicide Prevention, Resilience, Substance Abuse, and Risk Reduction. As part of his continued growth and determination to 'Redefine His Mission' his passion is to give back as much he can to soldiers, families and leaders in the military community.

David Arthur

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